Mick Say

Hairdressing, Beauty and Barber Minimum Wage

Hairdressing, Beauty and Barber Minimum Wage rate effective 1 April 2024

  • Any salon apprentice of any age £6.40
  • Any salon employee under 18     £6.40
  • All salon employees 18 to 20      £8.60
  • All salon employees from 21 years of age up £11.44

The best salons generally pay more than the minimum wage. The above rates relate to salon minimum wage as required by the law, however it is wise and even desirable for salon owners to pay their staff rates and salaries higher than the minimum wage. Salons may adopt a "Salon Salary Strategy" which determines an employees remuneration by the years of experience the Hairdressing, Beauty, and Barber profession and their personal input in to salon revenue.

More on Salon Salary Strategy in a forthcoming article.

Many salons owners fed up with the complexity and red tape involved in employing people elect to rent, chairs rooms or tables using IR35 Salon Rental Agreements.